Virtual tour of your new project or view our example projects

With Tile Boutique’s virtual tours you can take a look around your stunning new Home or Commercial Space right now.

We can build you a custom simulation in both Virtual Reality or just on a Standard Display with a wide range of home/commercial materials to suit everyone’s needs.

Come in and have a wander through the Virtual Space we create just for you. Have a look around our superbly fitted prefabricated simulations of other amazing designs, or pay to have your Own kitchen, bathroom, or other Custom work done in the virtual space. Note the design, while having the ability to modify the design in real time to suit your needs in the highest possible quality.

These tours not only give you a feel of what it will be like to walk around your new Home or Commercial Space. They will also take you around homes that are examples of the properties we service, although property-types may have variations in design and specification from development to development.

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