Do you install tiles?

In addition to our talented design staff we also offer installation. All installation is performed by our own expert team of professional installers. Installation references are happily given upon request.

What we do?

Sure! At Tile Boutique we are well versed in measuring and estimating. Just bring in your scaled building plans, or a drawing with measurements and we can estimate how many tiles you need. Remember to always allow extras for on-site cuts (10% for straight tiling, 15% for diamond pattern or tiles (600mmx600mm and larger), and then an extra box or two to put away in case you need them sometime down the track.

How do I care for my tiled floor?

This depends on the type of tile you choose. Generally speaking, our floor tiles can be mopped regularly with tile cleaners. There’s no need for strong and expensive acidic cleaners you buy from the supermarket shelf. The most important clean is the initial clean after laying. We have products designed to remove any grout residue and any stubborn marks on your floor.  Porcelains and some natural stones like sandstone, terracotta and slate, require different products; we can give you all the information.

Do my tiles need to be sealed?

Possibly, depending on the product you choose. Typically, natural products, quarry tiles, and some porcelain tiles need to be protected with a sealer. Most glazed products, with a standard ceramic surface, do not need to be sealed. Of course, our expert staff can advise on the question of sealing, and we have all the right products.

What's the difference between porcelain and ceramic tiles?

Because of their durability and low porosity, porcelain tiles have traditionally been used in commercial applications. Nowadays for similar reasons, more and more people choose porcelain tiles for their homes. Porcelain, or fully vitrified tiles, do not have a glaze over them like traditional tiles. The latest trend in porcelain tiles is blending the benefits of porcelain products (durability, low porosity) with benefits of ceramics (low maintenance, endless colour range, low production cost), to create a hybrid product called ‘glazed porcelain’. Remember, whether it’s a standard ceramic or vitrified porcelain, Tile Boutique is always on hand to help you choose the right tile for your project.

Are outside tiles different from inside tiles?

Definitely. Outside, or Alfresco/external tiles are exposed to harsher conditions than indoor tiles. For this reason, outside tiles need to be resistant to the elements – like frost and slipperiness. The last thing we want is a tile so slippery you can’t walk outside if it’s been raining! Tile Boutique has a wide selection of products for outdoor use, including glazed ceramics, terracotta, slate, sandstones, porcelain, and not to mention all sorts of external feature tiles, like pool surrounds and bull nose, pebbled borders and sandstone chips.

Can I tile over my existing tiles or vinyl?

You sure can. We have great glues to make this happen, however you should ensure that you are satisfied that the substrate you are tiling over is sound and secure. The tile job will only be as durable and as good as the substrate you are tiling over. Be sure to get the ok from your tiler.

Do you deliver?

We sure do. Tile Boutique offers store pick ups Monday to Saturday, or for an additional charge we can deliver direct to your door.

Can I put glass tiles on the floor?

In general, Tile Boutique does not recommend glass being put onto the floor as a main tile, however in low traffic areas like a bathroom or ensuite, glass can be used as a décor or feature.