Verve Slightly Purple



Sheet Size: 12 7/8″ x 12 7/8″
Sheet Coverage: 1.15 sq.ft.
Rows Per Sheet: 20
Chip Size: 1/2″ x 1/2″
Thickness: 6 mm
Material: Polished Glass

Sold by: Sheet


The Verve Series is now produced as a face mounted mosaic. Instead of a mesh mounted sheet you will receive a sheet with a plastic film holding the tiles in place. The purpose of this new faced mounted version is because it is ideal for mosaics often installed in submerged areas such as pools, showers, bathtubs etc. The plastic film is to be removed only once the sheet has been installed and the thin set has been given the adequate time to cure.  We have tested several types of thinset and recommend the following:

Acceptable Thin-Sets    • LATICRETE: 254 Platinum

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